Cat Carpenters

Cat Carpenters Claire SlootheerIf there was one face to represent the mix of house music, good vibes and sexy parties, it would be Claire, better known by her stage name, Cat Carpenters. Claire has been doing whatever her heart desires since she was a little girl, and she and won’t stop kicking ass anytime soon.

Some things should never be explained, but simply enjoyed. Questions like “How the hell can she mix my favorite house tunes with new tracks that I wish discovered, night after night with no exceptions?” are not even worth asking. Cat Carpenters will make sure you hear the answer yourself.

Notorious in her hometown, Amsterdam, and no stranger to the rest of the world, Cat Carpenters has been on a lifelong winning streak when it comes to live performances. She delivers irresistible and mesmerizing sets that get anybody and everybody ecstatic in no time. Grab your international dictionary – you will need it if you plan to party with the Cat Carpenters, from Puerto Rico to Berlin, Paris and Ibiza.

If you like great things like food, romance and oxygen, chances are, you’ll love her track record too. Official remixes of Dotan, Di-Rect and the first CC original with Bella Hay put her on the global map, while her mixtapes and mind-blowing live sets will put Cat Carpenters straight in your heart. In 2017 she release 2 singles at Powerhouse Music and that summer she releases an official remix of Izzy Bizu’s White Tiger on Epic.

This summer she releases her track with Dante Klein and Cimo Frankel at Spinnin records called The Way I Love You. Because she believes in every day The Way I Love You day!